Registration for the Kyoto Prize at Oxford 2023 is now open

Registration is now open for this year’s edition of the Kyoto Prize at Oxford, hosted on 9 and 10 May by the Blavatnik School of Government in partnership with the Inamori Foundation.

This year we are delighted to host Dr Carver Mead, one of the fathers of modern computing, a pioneer of electronics engineering whose work on VLSI systems brought about revolutions in the world of computer-aided design technology; Dr Bryan T Grenfell, a trailblazing population biologist uncovering virus infection mechanisms that have guided infectious disease control; and Dr Zakir Hussain, a musical icon whose innovations with the traditional Indian tabla have garnered global reverence. These are the extraordinary achievements in the disciplines of science, technology and arts and philosophy that the Kyoto Prize Laureates will be bringing to Oxford in a few weeks’ time.
The three Laureates will deliver live lectures, either online or in-person, and the Laureates’ panel will be open to the public online. The panel is a unique element of the Oxford events, which sees the three Laureates together to explore themes of innovation, collaboration and leadership.

Register for the public lectures and panel discussion now: