Kyoto Prize at Oxford ようこそ

The Kyoto Prize is an international award, organised by the Inamori Foundation, to honour those who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural, and spiritual betterment of humankind.

The Blavatnik School of Government is honoured to bring the Kyoto Prize Laureates to Oxford for a series of events each May – the Kyoto Prize at Oxford.

Innovators & Visionaries

The Kyoto Prize recognises individuals who have made remarkable contributions to science, culture, and spirituality.

Join us in celebrating their achievements and exploring their groundbreaking work.

2023 Kyoto Prize Laureates

Nalini Malani

An artist from the non-Western world who has faced the predicaments of the oppressed, pioneered artistic expression representing the voice of the voiceless, and contributed to the “decentralisation” of art.

The Inamori Foundation is pleased to present the 2023 Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy to Nalini Malani.

2023 Kyoto Prize Laureates

Elliott H Lieb

One of intellectual giants in the field of mathematical sciences who established a foundation in many-body physics for mathematical research in fields such as physics, chemistry, and quantum information science.

The Inamori Foundation is pleased to present the 2023 Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences to Elliott H Lieb.

2023 Kyoto Prize Laureates

Ryuzo Yanagimachi

Ryuzo Yanagimachi demonstrated a method for in vitro fertilization in mammals, expanded our insights into the fertilization process, and further established microinsemination technology by developing and innovating the intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

The Inamori Foundation is pleased to present the 2023 Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology to Ryuzo Yanagimachi.

Laureate 1

Ngaire Woods

Dean, Blavatnik School of Government

This is a truly exceptional partnership – inspiring, educating and connecting individuals who strive for the greater good of humankind and society is at the heart of what both the Blavatnik School of Government and the Inamori Foundation do every day. It is this sense of shared purpose that inspires our partnership, and we are honoured to offer a home for the Kyoto Prize at Oxford and an annual event to celebrate talent applied to public good.

Ngaire Woods portrait

Inamori Foundation

“A human being has no higher calling than to strive for the greater good of humanity and the world.” – The Kyoto Prize honors individuals based on this philosophy, which resonates strongly with its founder Kazuo Inamori’s lifelong belief. “I wish to repay my indebtedness to the global community that has helped make me what I am today. I would also like to establish a prize to formally recognize highly dedicated but unsung researchers, thereby creating a brighter future”. The Kyoto Prize is presented in the three categories of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, and Arts and Philosophy, each of which comprises four fields, making a total of 12 fields. Every year, one Prize is awarded in each of the three categories with prize money of 100 million yen per category.

Dr Kazuo Inamori